St. Mary's College, Irvinestown -
School Life
Our School Day

9:00am         Registration
9:10am          Period 1
9:40am          Period 2
10:10am        Period 3

10:40am       Break

10:55am        Period 4
11:25am        Period 5
11:55am        Period 6

12:25pm       Lunch

1:10pm          Period 7
1:40pm          Period 8
2:10pm          Period 9
2:40pm          Period 10
3:10pm         End of School Day
Homework Policy

St Mary's believes that homework is an essential part of each pupils learning experience as it provides opportunities to:
  • Reinforce learning which has taken place in the classroom
  • Practice and develop a range of skills
  • Develop good practice in independent learning
  • Develop self discipline, organisation and time management
  • Practice self assessment
The school recommends that the following time is devoted to homework each night:

Year 8                  1.5 hours
Year 9                  1.5 - 2 hours
Year 10                1.5 - 2 hours
Year 11 & 12        2 - 2.5 hours

All pupils who attend St Mary's College are expected to take a pride in their uniform, to wear the uniform with dignity and to maintain a high standard of personal appearence. On each school day, travelling to and from school, during examinations and when they are representing the school, pupils will:

  • Wear the school uniform, correct in every detail
  • Keep uniform clean and tidy
  • Have all items of unifom clearly marked
  • Wear blazers at all times
  • Ensure that all safety regulations are met, with regard to being correctly dressed for practical classes.