St. Mary's College, Irvinestown -
Practical Subjects: Art & Design, Technology, Home Economics, PE, ICT, Music

Art & Design

Art & Design is about inspiring the creativity of our students. By introducing them to different styles and methods of art, such as the work and styles of different artists over the centuries or by using different materials such as water colour paint, wax crayons or clay. Additionally, we hope to improve their pre-existing skills in drawing or painting.

At GCSE, the students undertake projects and commission a number of pieces related to and included in this project, all stemming from a topic and design style that they choose.


Technology focuses on taking raw materials and turning them into a final product. Through design, planning and construction the students make a number of different items over the course of teaching. Students have the opportunity to build tables, photo frames, bird feeders, toilet roll holders, key fobs and maze games, as well as others.

Home Economics

We strive to develop the students baking and cooking skills as well as educating them into the safety issues that may arise in the home and in the kitchen such as fire hazards, cross contamination and safe food preparation and storage. Students get hand on experience as they are introduced to some familiar and new recipes of food as well as they odd sweet treat. These food staples should prepare the students and introduce them to cooking for themselves.


At St Mary's we hope to introduce the students to a variety of sports, both competitive and relaxing. At GCSE, Students also learn more about the anatomy of sport and the effect sport can have on the body if the person is not properly prepared.

More information on Sport at St Marys is available HERE


Using the computer facilities at St Mary's, students are taught how to properly work essential computer programmes such as Microsoft Office, although the students will have some previous experience in these programmes, we aim to go further and allow them to master their skills and become proficient in these day-to-day programmes. As well as Microsoft Office we use website design programmes, mapping programmes and we introduce the students to some useful theory work.


We hope to develop any pre-existing musical skills that a student may have as well as introducing other students to different instruments and types of music. We teach Tin-Whistle and Keyboard in class and we provide students access to exterior music teachers provided by the WELB for small group lessons in Violin and other stringed instruments.