St. Mary's College, Irvinestown -
History, Geography & French


"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." Marcus Garvey

During History classes, students will learn about different eras that came long before us. We look at the Egyptians and their approach to mythology and medicine, moving on to the Greeks, we ultimately trace the development of medicine throughout history to the modern day. We look at the history of Architectural design - how the construction of a castle aids in war or the location of buildings on the top of hills or on the coast to provide the best watch for invaders. Overall, we aim to entice the students and make them interested in what happened in the past and how that has shaped the lives we live.


Geography teaches the students about the planet they live on, about the water cycle and different types of rivers, lakes, tributaries and seas. Student's learn about the weather cycles and about tectonic plates, the movement of the ground and volcanoes, why they might erupt and the damage this may cause.


St Mary's understands the benefits of learning a second language. It develops the brain and improves overall intelligence. It is also a very important edge to have in business and in job searches in the future. Learning French starts off with the basics, days of the weeks, colours, activities, but as we progress we begin to develop sentence constructs, grammar rules and fluid conversations.