St. Mary's College, Irvinestown -
Core Subjects: English, Maths, Sciences, Religion


At St Mary's we strive to enhance and improve the skills of our pupils to allow them to understand written and verbal texts and to be equipped with the appropriate knowledge to engage with their peers and anyone they may meet in their walk of life.

We read and analyse popular literature, we encourage imagination in creative writing, we evaluate the language used in marketing and in the media, and, of course, we try and help students reach a certain level of grammar, spelling and punctuation.


Our Maths department aim to make maths understandable and enjoyable due to it's prevailing importance in everyday life. From cementing the student's basic mathematical skills to introducing, and mastering, more difficult formulaes and quadratic equations. We work through the NI Curriculum to advance and develop each individual's skills in maths working at the speed that suits the student.


During Key Stage 3, we introduce the students to Biology, Chemistry and Physics in a fun and educational way to entice their curiosity and scientific thinking. Through practical experiments, we see how different natural components react with each other, we see the inner workings of the plant and we begin to understand the atmospheric forces that influence the movement of an object.

At GCSE, we delve deeper into the intricacies of each separate subject as set by the NI CCEA Curriculum and try to prepare our students for their exams by making the material as enjoyable and interesting as possible.


St Mary's College is a Roman Catholic Secondary School at the heart of Devenish Parish. In class, we administer a religion course that reflects this by focusing on stories and parables from the bible and discussing what the bible's teachings mean to each individual. We talk about ethic issues, such as human rights, and we discuss popular, controversial topics that the students might have questions about.

We work closely with Canon McGourty, of Sacred Heart Chapel, and St Paul's Primary school to enhance and develop the beliefs of the student. We also work together for school masses, especially at the beginning of the school year and before exams.